Best of the Bronx: Henry Ukazu empowers youth through mentorship program

A Bronx native who is the legal coordinator at Rikers Island is empowering the youth in the community.
With his position at Rikers Island, Henry Ukazu says he is able to help inmates with much more than just legal work.
"I try to assist them with how they can unleash their potential because it's very, very important," said Ukazu.
Ukazu studied law back in Nigeria and continued his studies at New York Law School when he came to the United States in 2008. He says he wanted to use his education to help young people.
All of his teachings can be found in his book, "Design Your Destiny: Actualizing Your Birthright To Success." In his book, he uses the pages to not only mentor those incarcerated but also encourage the youth in the Bronx.
Ukazu has spoken at colleges, high schools, middle schools and youth organizations through his mentorship program.
He says he is in the process of forming a nonprofit to continue his work in the Bronx. He says he wants to make sure people have the tools they need to succeed.
"Once you know you have this purpose in your life, then you know that you have a choice to make. Don't believe in failure, because you can still unleash your potential," said Ukazu.