Bridgeport woman urges city leaders to crack down on gun violence after her house was riddled with bullets

A Bridgeport woman is calling for police and local officials to take action after a shooting left two men injured and her house riddled with bullet holes.
Betsy Rivera says she was horrified when two men were shot in her neighborhood last weekend.
As result of the gunshots, Rivera says her front door and window were shattered and her family is lucky to have escaped injury.
Rivera says she is calling on police and local leaders to crack down on gun violence. She says she thought she lived in a safe neighborhood.
"It was very difficult to find a home where I could feel safe, so I found this house next to a hospital where I thought I was going to be safe — because it shouldn't be happening next to a hospital," she says.
Police say the two men shot did not suffer life-threatening injuries.
Authorities ask anyone who may have witnessed the shooting to call 203-576-TIPS.