Bronx artist aims to bring the Bronx around the world through art

One Bronx resident is making her impact on the borough through her creativity.
Maria Oben has dreams of one day exploring the world through her art, but decided first to explore the place she calls home.

“My dream down the road is to paint in everywhere I step foot in, First, I want to go to Puerto Rico and paint there, then Mexico,” says Oben.

She says she recently started getting to know her community and let the world around her influence her work.

“Every detail of artwork that’s in the Bronx inspires and influences me to be great, just like them,” says Oben.

She is also working on a chalk mural in another place she once called home.

“Two years ago, this was my first chalk board that I did. I used to deliver pizza here, so I used to be the delivery girl, so just coming back and redoing it is a very special occasion for me,” says Oben.

Oben says she has grown from a delivery girl to a full time artist, keeping her parents’ impact with her on that road.

“When I was three, just looking at my mom draw and my dad doing constructing theater for the church,” says Oben

That 3-year-old girl grew into a young adult working to perfect her craft.

“I painted my wall into a chalkboard, and what’s great about that is you’re able to practice from home and erase it and get better,” says Oben.

With practice, she still hopes to bring her home to the world.

"Making your mark and letting people know where you’re from like, ‘I’m from the Bronx,’” says Oben.