Bronx Community College partners with universities in India to combat climate change

A college in the Bronx is forging friendships with universities in India to fight climate change.
The Green University Network is aimed at connecting the college in the Bronx with institutions in India to combat the climate crisis together. Leaders from universities all over India toured the Bronx Community College campus Monday.
The initiative started back in 2019 when Bronx Community College started collaborating with institutions in India through the Green Mentor Program. The program focuses on learning more about how pollution affects communities in New York and abroad. It provides an education for students in India through webinars to learn about climate change and its impacts on their communities.
The college in the Bronx is also dedicated to telling the stories of people from India. After the college first made relations with other schools in India, it created a dedicated book corner in the library.
"It puts the Bronx in the center of India. We have started this journey in 2019, and we have done a lot of activities, which have been highlighted in the press in India. So, this is just a culmination of those activities," says Bronx Community College professor Neal Phillip.
Students from the college will be traveling to India in January of next year thanks in part to this new network.