Bronx community group petitions new location for P.S. 71 annex

Parents and community groups renewed efforts this week for the city to reconsider the location of a proposed P.S. 71 annex.
The city plans to turn a vacant parking lot about a 10-minute walk from the school's current location into an annex for the school to alleviate overcrowding.
But while critics support building an annex, they are not happy with the city's proposed location near a supportive housing unit and major roadways.
As an alternative, a community group and parents launched a petition to have the city build the annex right behind the school, in a park currently owned by the New York City Housing Authority.
Advocates for the new proposal say that having the annex right behind the school would be safer and more convenient. They also say area residents rarely use the park.
The petition currently has over 60 signatures, but proponents say their goal is to have everyone in the community get on board. 
The proposal would require NYCHA to transfer ownership of the park or allow another city agency to develop it.
NYCHA has not yet responded to repeated News 12 requests for comment.