Bronx DA: Gun traffickers from Florida arrested in the Bronx

An investigation by the NYPD and Bronx District Attorney's office led to the arrest of two men accused of smuggling guns and high powered ammunition clips into the Bronx.
According to prosecutors, Andre Smithson and Isaiah Jones sold high-powered guns to an undercover police detective.
Smithson and Jones were indicted on 128 counts related to firearm sale and possession. They face up to 25 years in prison.
The Bronx DA and the NYPD say getting magazines of this capacity off the streets of New York City saves countless lives.
"This investigation involved serious traffickers who brought the high-powered handguns... that would enable somebody to do tremendous violence in a matter of 30 seconds," says Bronx DA Darcel Clark.
NYPD Deputy Inspector Brian Gill says selling the firearms was the defendants’ way of quickly making money.
"In Florida... they'll buy the gun for $400 and sell it up here for $1,000," says Gill.
Clark says getting guns off the street is a priority of the DA's office and the NYPD.