Bronx filmmaker documents Hurricane Maria victims who settled in borough

A filmmaker from the Bronx is exploring life after Hurricane Maria for families who left Puerto Rico and settled in the borough.
Bronx native and proud Puerto Rican Nadia Hallgren has been a documentary filmmaker for 15 years. Her latest project is one that hits close to home for her.
"I specifically wanted to tell a story about what was happening in my community in the Bronx."
Her 35-minute film titled "After Maria" is now on Netflix, and documents three Puerto Rican families who left their home island when Hurricane Maria ravaged it back in 2017. The families sought refuge in the Bronx.
"The situations were dire. It's not like the hurricane happened and they were like ‘Ah! we're leaving’ It’s like, people waited. They waited for help, but when they realized their backs were really up against the wall, they came here," says Hallgren.
Hallgren and her team spent six weeks with the families who were placed in FEMA-designated hotels. They touched on hardships they endured having to leave the only home they knew.
"Under this administration, for Puerto Ricans, it was a very different experience. So, I really want people to understand that Puerto Ricans were treated different under this administration because of who they were,” says Hallgren.
Hallgren says her film explores just one of the many stories to come out of that moment in history. She encourages people to explore what happened to other people.