Bronx man charged in death of mother-in-law appears in court

A Bronx man charged in the death of his mother-in-law appeared in court on Monday.
Angel Montanez is charged with murder, manslaughter, strangulation and endangering the welfare of a child in the death of his children's grandmother.
Police say Montanez killed 65-year-old Lydia Herrera during a custody dispute.
Authorities say Montanez strangled Herrera with a computer cord in her Sheridan Avenue home back on July 3 while the defendant's three children were in the apartment. Herrera was taking care of her grandkids after their mother died and had an order of protection against Montanez, according to published reports.
Prosecutors say if the case proceeds to trial, Montanez's kids may have to testify about what happened to their grandmother. News 12 spoke with the victim's niece, who says Montanez has shown no remorse for destroying his family.
Montanez is being held without bail and is scheduled to be back in court on Jan. 30.
A judge is expected to decide what evidence will be allowed for a possible trial.