Bronx man suspected of murdering taxi driver arraigned

A man arrested in connection with the death of a Bronx taxi driver was arraigned Thursday morning.
Police said they arrested 24-year-old Nicholas Sanchez, of the Bronx, for the murder of Mamadou Barry. Sanchez's lawyer, Cary London, maintained his client's innocence and asked for a fair bail.
"What I'm asking you is that if you're not going to release him, you set a reasonable bail. We've served cross papers and all the facts lead to the fact that he is innocent, your honor," said London.
Barry, 39, was shot and killed inside of his cab Monday at 189th Street and Beaumont Avenue. He leaves behind three children and his wife, who is pregnant with their fourth child.
The family of Sanchez says that one piece of evidence proves his innocence.
"Look at Mr. Sanchez as he stands before you," said London. "He is a very short individual. He is not the person passing by that structure in the video surveillance, your honor."
Police said a surveillance camera on Crotona Avenue caught Barry's killer walking away from the scene after the shooting.
Sanchez is being charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.