Bronx man with prosthetics competes as powerlifter

A Bronx man who uses a prosthetic arm recently competed in a powerlifting competition.
Diego Hernedez was severely disabled after being electrocuted as a child.
“I was in a coma for six months and intense care for another six months. After that it’s been surgeries in and out of the hospital. Basically my whole childhood was inside a hospital,” Hernedez says.
Despite about 60 surgeries, burns to a majority of his body and the amputation of his arm, the 24-year-old recently competed in his first powerlifting competition.
Hernedez trained at the Powerhouse Gym in the Bronx and used special arm attachments and a little creativity.
People working out at the gym compliment him and say he has become an inspiration to everyone.
"We fall down but we never give up. I wouldn't change anything for the world," Hernedez says.