Bronx mother frustrated with infestation of rodents in apartment building

A Bronx mother says she is fed up with what she claims are poor living conditions inside her West Farms apartment.
She’s demanding the building management take care of the rodent issue in her apartment.
The woman who wanted to remain anonymous, says she believes the mice are coming from her bedroom closet. 
She says the rodents are making themselves at home in her bedroom and her bathroom and added that they keep her and her two kids up at night with their clawing and scratching.
The Bronx resident has put complaints into 311 about the rodent problem but says her building management hasn’t done enough to address the issue.
She says she’s had to fumigate her apartment already and is concerned that daily exposure to the creatures could affect her father, who is already in poor health. 
A representative for Honeywell LLC, who manages the building, told News 12 that a special extermination will take place Sunday and that the woman’s apartment has been added to that list. 
The agency says regular extermination takes place twice a month in the building for roaches and other vermin.