Bronx mother says 2nd-grader sexually assaulted at school

A Mott Haven mother says her 7-year-old son was sexually assaulted by another child at school and that the school is not doing enough to protect him.
The mother claims her second-grader at Brilla College Prep Academy had to use the bathroom and was assaulted by another second-grader while in a stall.
"The child barricaded my kid in the stall refusing to let him out, pulled his own pants down, groped his private parts and kissed him on the mouth," says the student's mother.
She says her son was escorted to the bathroom by another student instead of a staff member.
"I worry about the long-term effect it will have on my son's teenage life and adult life. Sexual assault is not something that can be brushed under the rug, it can affect who you are as a person for forever, even more so as a child," says the student's mother.
The parent says she was called by the school, met with the mother of the accused student and was sent a letter. The letter said the school reviewed the facts and found that the stories of the accused, accuser and the boy who escorted him had too many inconsistencies. The school says it is impossible to determine if any sexual misconduct took place.
School officials say they have taken several steps to ensure the safety of all students involved, including providing individual counseling, creating appropriate safety plans and ensuring that the victim and the alleged harasser are not in the same classroom and do not use the same bathrooms.
The mother says the steps were not enough and wants the accused student removed from the school.
School officials say they are willing to meet with the mother again this week.