Bronx Night Market gearing up for its return in April

With the Bronx Night Market making its return this April, organizers are working with community partners to bring back this fan favorite Bronx activity.
The market originally said its goodbyes in last October after facing a slew of issues, including safety concerns, illegal vendors and improper upkeep of the public space.
Marco Shalma, the founder of Masc Hospitality Group (MHG) which runs the market, says they plan to reclaim the plaza by offering activities and programs throughout the week that will deter some of those issues the market faced in the past.
The market will also include a café, bookstore and health groups. The Bronx Native will also have a pop-up shop selling tons of gear with Bronx pride.
“The Bronx Night Market at Fordham Plaza has been an essential and pivotal and cultural hub for everything they've been doing for music, food, entrepreneurs, creatives,” said Amaurys Grullo, of the Bronx Native. “What happens at Fordham Plaza with the Bronx Night Market is something that's Bronx unity, Bronx excellence, it's something that's needed, it's essential and we are happy to bring it back.”
Applications are now open for vendors and the market is making its big return on April 6.