Bronx organization works toward providing safe space for LGBTQ community

A small Bronx organization is working to provide the LGBTQ community in the Bronx a fair shot at accomplishing their dreams.
Destination Tomorrow is a grassroots agency that provides a variety of services for the borough's LGBTQ community. Executive Director Sean Coleman says the group's goal is economic empowerment on the way to helping others accomplish their dream.
Destination Tomorrow only has a handful of workers, but they work to help people find resources like safe housing and employment opportunities.

"Too often, black and brown communities are left behind in conversations especially around HIV, ending the epidemic, around safe, affordable housing," says Coleman.
Coleman says having a place like Destination Tomorrow in the Bronx is necessary.
"No one should have to leave their neighborhood to find safe programs and services that affirm them, and I want folks to know that that's what Destination Tomorrow is," Coleman says.