Bronx realty company teams up with YMCA to deliver presents across the borough

A Bronx realty company and the YMCA teamed up on Christmas day to bring gifts to kids all across the Bronx.  
Operation Realtors for Kids is a joint effort from the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors and the Castle Hill YMCA, who worked together to collect presents to give to 32 families in need.  
The initiative has been going on for over a decade.
Each kid received three presents this year, thanks to their efforts. 
 Members of the realty company and YMCA filled their cars with toys to bring holiday cheer to families across the borough. This year, 85 kids opened gifts from Realtors for Kids.  
“It’s our responsibility to help that population,” said Eliezer Rodriguez, director of the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors in the Bronx. “Once you do this, you fall in love with the idea of putting a sparkle in a kid’s eye.”