Bronx River High School's student-run paper inspires confidence in young journalists

The Bronx River News has published more than 100 news articles in less than a year.

News 12 Staff

Nov 30, 2022, 10:17 PM

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A student-run newspaper at Bronx River High School is helping several young journalists build their skills and boost their confidence.
The Bronx River News has published more than 100 news articles in less than a year.
The editorial team is made up of students from different grades who are eager to become a voice for their community.
"I know that everybody has something important to say and it can also be effective throughout the school,” says Sara Singh, editor-in-chief of the newspaper.
Bronx River News advisor Deborah Porterfield says the newspaper gives students a chance to do their own research and improve their writing.
"We're teaching them how to speak for themselves, so you just don't read something and believe it. They now are learning how to go look up those facts. Moreso than writing an essay, they're learning how to explain it in a way that regular people can understand,” Porterfield says.
The students have tight deadlines for news stories. Once they are published, the stories are displayed on a bulletin board for all the students to read.
"It made me feel so proud of myself, and so proud that I was actually able to achieve something that I always dreamed of,” says freshman Elliot Lima.
Two students and their advisor attended the Journalism Education Association Fall Convention, an opportunity that is only awarded to two other schools in the country.
"I feel proud because I feel like I'm going there representing the Bronx and showing them what we could bring to the table," says senior Elvia Serrano.

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