'Bronx Salad' gains popularity during Restaurant Week

Restaurants are eating up the idea of the "Bronx Salad" as it makes its way through the borough.
Porto Salvo is one of seven eateries to most recently adopt the menu item to serve during New York City Restaurant Week's winter session.
"The idea of creating the Bronx Salad to be an isolated item to promote is very important," says Henry Obispo, of the United Business Cooperative. 
The Bronx Salad traditionally contains spinach or kale, mango, avocado, black beans, corn, plantains and a special dressing.
Porto Salvo is putting their own twist on the salad, replacing some of the ingredients with Kalamata olives and beets. 
"It's very important because a lot of people forgot how to eat fresh," says Executive Chef Luigi Ghidetti.
Residents can get the Bronx Salad at Porto Salvo during Restaurant Week, which lasts through Friday.
About 20 Bronx restaurants in total have taken part in the initiative.