Bronx school bests other schools in state exams

A Bronx school has excelled beyond all other schools in the borough in a key category.
The students at Cornerstone Academy for Social Action received some of the highest scores in the mandatory state exams.
Principal Jamaal Bowman says the 250 students at the school received some of the highest scores in New York City. The exam scores increased by 9.4 percent in math and 14.2 percent in English Language Arts or ELA.
Bowman says the school strives to meet individual needs.
Nicholas Maisonet, a seventh-grader, says the school focused on both his strengths and weaknesses, and helped him properly prepare for the state's exams.
Bowman says the school is focused on the arts. They offer dance, performing arts, music and gardening.
He claims the various courses the school offers serve as catalysts for a brighter future.