Bronx teacher fired for alleged inappropriate relations with students in 2020 working at another Bronx school

Almonte was fired by the Department of Education after they found she had inappropriate relations with three students, including sexual allegations.

Heather Fordham

May 15, 2024, 2:49 AM

Updated 10 days ago


A teacher accused of inappropriate conduct with students is back in the news.
Derreck Trujillo contacted News 12 after he saw his former substitute teacher make headlines, boasting about her teaching job in the New York Post. The now 24-year-old says he had a sexual relationship with Duliana Almonte when he was 16 years old.
Almonte was fired by the Department of Education after they found she had inappropriate relations with three students, including sexual allegations.
"It was honestly shocking, it was a surprise for me," said Trujillo.
Trujillo was a sophomore at Harry S. Truman High School when he first met Duliana Almonte, now 33, in 2016. Almonte was a French teacher at the high school.
"It went from me talking to her that one time to going to her classroom, she already had a group of students in a circle that she would talk to, she would have them there (in her classroom) so I felt a little comfortable," said Trujillo.
Trujillo said the nature of his relationship with Almonte became sexual. At the time, he was 16 years old.
"She would invite me to her house, I was very vulnerable at the time, it wasn't one time, it wasn't two times, it was multiple times," said Trujillo.
Phone records show nearly 1,900 messages were exchanged between Trujillo and Almonte over the course of a year, Trujillo said they mainly communicated through social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp.
"She would ask me when I am coming over, she would ask me how I liked it when I was there, it was a lot of stuff," said Trujillo.
The situation came to light in 2018. Trujillo said he tried to end relations with his teacher.
"I had told the teacher I didn't want anything to do with this situation anymore, and the teacher went ahead and texted my girlfriend at the time, she was in a completely different school, she went ahead and texted my girlfriend and said I was cheating on her with another girl in the school, that's how this brought to light," Trujillo said.
An investigation was opened by the Special Commissioner of Investigation with the New York City School District. The investigation found Almonte exchanged more than 28,000 text messages in a year period with a student at all hours of the day and night, including the weekend.
The report also mentions that Almonte invited students to her home after school hours, and one student in the report mentioned that Almonte "made out and had oral sex all the time in school."
Almonte was terminated from her position at Truman High School in 2020. In 2022, she was hired as a Spanish teacher for AECI 2 Charter High School in Morissania.
AECI 2 Charter High School said it is not currently commenting on Almonte, but school CEO Derick Spaulding confirmed that there is an ongoing internal investigation, with a process that the school must follow but the safety of the students is their top priority.
Almonte's name has been removed from the staff list on the school's website. News 12 was told by students that she has not been at the school all week.
"It was hard on my education, I didn't get to finish the way I wanted, too, I actually finished in Puerto Rico, I tried to not let it stop me, it was a smack in my face this morning when I woke up to the news article, " said Trujillo.
Almonte deleted her social media accounts. News 12 attempted to contact Almonte but has not heard back.

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