Bronx Times honors community leader

Carmen Hernandez was honored Tuesday as one of The Bronx Times' "Most Influential Woman of 2015."
"If we are professing that we love people and we love our community, my God - live it," she says.
She is a staple in the community and has been recognized for her many roles in The Bronx, including helping children do what she never did herself - earn their diplomas.
Hernandez is not only an advocate for kids, she also founded the LGBTQS Chamber of Commerce and The Bronx Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
"Being an entrepreneur has nothing to do with your religion, your identity, your sexuality. It has to do with the person that is conducting business," she says of her success.
She is one of 25 local leaders recognized by The Bronx Times.
Hernandez says she's dedicated to giving back because she no longer sees the sense of community from her own youth.
"Kids running the streets, we're getting them falling into trouble and they're not bad kids, it's just they don't have guidance," she says.
Hernandez says her next project is to set up weekly religious services for the children of her community.