Bronx woman fears fence repairs are temporary fix following its collapse on her van

A Bronx woman says her car got stuck under fencing Wednesday night in Riverdale and couldn't find anyone to help her until she got News 12 involved.
"I parked my van here last night and then about a quarter to 10, we hear a crash and it fell on top of my van,” Dena Fellner-Alto explained about how the incident happened at 535 West 232nd St.
The fire department refused to help her and police took a report, but her vehicle was still stuck under the fence until News 12 called the owner of the property.
The owner told News 12 that he would pay for damages to the vehicle. He added that he would send a crew to clean up the mess and fix the fence.
Fellner-Alto sent News 12 photos Thursday night and said the owner did go back to property. The images show ropes attached to the fence, propping the panels back up. Fellner-Alto, however, is worried that it's a small fix to a larger problem, a problem she said was dangerous from the start.
"Someone is going to get killed. It is extremely dangerous. It's going to hit somebody in the head," Fellner-Alto said.
It's unclear if high winds knocked the fence down.
The Department of Buildings told News 12 inspectors will oversee work by the owner and their contractors to make needed repairs.
They also issued a violation for failing to maintain the fence.