'Punching this bag is my medication.' Bronx woman reflects on how kickboxing gave her a new lease on life

People across the world are celebrating International Kickboxing Day, including a Bronx woman who says it helped save her life.  
Tia Brooks says her life felt like a constant battle as she dealt with lupus and neuromyelitis optica.   
"I had lupus and I had NMO. I couldn't walk. The NMO took my vision,” said Brooks. “I didn't want to live no more. It was just too overwhelming." 
She found a new inspiration when she discovered I Love Kickboxing Pelham Bay. Brooks says that the sport gave her the strength to keep on kicking and that it’s helped her fight back against her autoimmune diseases.  
“Coming here is my medication. Punching this bag is my medication,” said Brooks.  
Brooks says that her doctor expected her to be in a wheelchair to this day, but that going to kickboxing three to four times a week has been a miracle for her health.