Bronx woman says she's coping with yearslong apartment leaks, flooding

A Bronx woman says her apartment has leaked for the last three years, destroying many of her belongings and disrupting her quality of life. 
Nikkia Thompson has buckets scattered across the floor catching water leaking from the ceiling, with the most recent leak occurring on Sept. 12.
"The water leaked out for seven hours straight...the floors, the ceilings, the walls, everything was leaking so my apartment looked like a desert storm,” says Thompson. 
Thompson tells News 12 that the leaks have been on and off since 2018, leaving bubbles, holes and water stains on the ceilings and walls. 
She says she even took the building management company to court over repairs. 
Thompson says that for some time during the pandemic, the repairs left her without a ceiling and calls the ongoing flooding traumatizing. 
"When I go to sleep, I'm just hearing the water dropping, there's no water but because I was catching water for seven hours, I'm kind of feeling like that's what it is,” says Thompson. 
The two-time coronavirus survivor with lingering health issues says that she doesn’t feel comfortable in her own home and wants to be transferred to a new apartment. 
Thompson says that due to the latest leak, she keeps most of her coats and clothes in the living room, taking up most of her living space. 
She says that management made minor repairs after the recent leak but doesn’t believe that they’ll ever get to the root of the issue and would rather move. 
News 12 reached out to Wavecrest Management, which oversees the building, and received a statement saying, "The safety and well-being of our residents is our top priority. We understand the frustration that comes with maintenance issues stemming from neighboring apartments, and Wavecrest works as quickly as possible to make any and all repairs. Wavecrest staff immediately visited Ms. Thompson's apartment and fixed the leak coming from the above unit, repaired the ceiling light and replaced the smoke detector. Our staff was denied access to the apartment when attempting to return to continue to the repair process. We have connected Ms. Thompson with the correct team members to be considered in the apartment transfer process – which follows a waitlist process, based on availability."