Bronx woman stitching up her legacy by keeping veterans warm

One Bronx woman is fueling her love for crocheting by teaming up with a local organization to not only keep veterans warm but let them know they are loved during the holidays.
Lizette Sanchez turned her hobby into a mission to serve those who served this country. It's also her therapy.
"I had some medical issues, and I became homebound," Sanchez says. "There's nights I can't sleep, and I just sit on my recliner and crochet."
With every front and back loop she crocheted, Sanchez was weaving her new purpose without even knowing it. She has made over 1,500 clothing items for veterans and the community
In 2016, Sanchez met marine combat veteran and founder of Devil Dog USA Incorporated Gonzalo Duran. He was wearing a hat she wasn't too fond of and decided to make him one.
That is how they became stitched together and now hundreds of local veterans each year have warm hats, scarves and gloves to carry them through the winter months.
"Seeing a smile on their face- it's my biggest payment," Sanchez says. "It just makes me feel so good inside. It's just a little 'thank you'."
Devil Dog USA Inc. is partnering with the American Legion and other organizations to reach even more veterans in 2023.