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Bronx-born rapper Maliibu Miitch makes a name for herself in the hip-hop world

The Bronx is known as the birthplace of hip-hop with a list of music legends from the borough.

News 12 Staff

Jun 20, 2019, 11:06 AM

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The Bronx is known as the birthplace of hip-hop with a list of music legends from the borough.
Bronx-native Maliibu Miitch is looking to add her name to the list as the next great female rapper.
Maliibu Miitch was born Jennifer Roberts, and was raised in the South Bronx. She says she has made her music dreams a reality.

"I had a bunch of ups and downs with my music, a lot of downs, but now I’m at a good place,” says Maliibu Miitch.

The 28-year old rapper isn't joking about her troubled past.

"I used to fight, I used to be in and out of gangs...but it's always what you make out of it,” she says.

What she's made is a successful music career and it all began with a freestyle on YouTube.

"Everybody started reacting to it so it just made me keep going,” says Maliibu Miitch.

Maliibu Mitch’s "Give Her Some Money” music video has over 600,000 views on YouTube. She also has over 300,000 followers on Instagram, something she says played a big role in her rise.

"Now with Instagram, we pop up on timelines all day, like a new person comes out like every single day,” says Maliibu Miitch.

However, it's not new people she's being compared to, it's another female rapper from the Bronx - Cardi B.

"I don't let stuff like that bother me, you know? I love her, I love her music and I love what she's doing and I love what she stands for, but as well as all females that is coming out, we're all different, we all have something to bring to the table,” says Maliibu Miitch.

The Bronx rapper tells News 12 she is most proud of the lyrics she writes.

"I vent a lot so whatever I’ve been through, I write about it. I draw a lot of just from everyday life,” she says.

Her latest project drops July 12.

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