Bronxite set to promote reading in the borough with her mobile bookstore

Bronxite Latanya DeVaughn is taking every step necessary to launch her mobile bookstore throughout the borough to promote reading.
DeVaughn says she's had this project, called Bronx Bound Books, in mind for two decades.
Her project plans to promote reading by bringing bookstores to the residents. She says, "Every neighborhood deserves a bookstore, even if it's just for one day.”
In these early stages of the project, DeVaughn plans to hit the streets of the Bronx on foot. She calls her sneakers, designed by Millennium Art Academy senior Matthew Malave, her "vehicles.”. She teaches writing workshops for kids and adults across the city and in a Bronx shelter, and she hopes to incorporate these classes once she can finally get her van on the road.
DeVaughn says, "It's not just about bringing the books to the neighborhood but, it's about providing services -- like partnering with reading programs to teach people how to read."
DeVaughn's mobile book campaign has been picked up by a crowd funding source for her to get this project off the ground.