BP Adams calls on DOE to educate parents on COVID-19-related symptoms in children

BP Adams calls on DOE to educate parents on COVID-19-related symptoms in children

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams wants parents to be educated about an illness in children that could be linked to COVID-19.
Pediatric inflammatory multi-system syndrome has increasingly been seen in children. Officials say the condition is believed to be COVID-19-related.

"Many of us thought that COVID-19 did not have a major impact on our children. I believe we're up in the area of 173 cases here in New York City with one fatality," says Adams.
Adams says he is calling on the Department of Education to implement policies where remote learning educates parents on the mysterious condition.

"Remote learning not only could teach children the academics that's involved in education, but it also should be used as a tool to teach parents how to protect their children every day particular with a formidable virus such as coronavirus," he says.
The borough president is joined by lawyers and doctors who agree.
"Education as far as parents is paramount - it's key. We need to have some sort of platform, as we've been discussing a remote platform, where we are reaching out to these families," says pediatrician Dr. Jason Elliston.

Adams also says parents they've been in touch with, who are in low-income neighborhoods and hit the hardest by coronavirus, are not informed.

"They do not watch briefings everyday from the president, the governor, and the mayor. They do not read all the papers that produce different data," says Adams.

Experts describe the condition similarly to Kawasaki disease and Toxic shock syndrome. Some symptoms include fever, irritability or sluggishness, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, red tongue, and swollen hands and feet.

"If they don't really know that these are the presenting symptoms for this very significant infection then they'll miss the boat," says pediatrician Dr. Leslie Hayes.