Brooklyn BP Adams: East Village arrest caught on video was mishandled

A viral video captured an arrest in the East Village after police responded to a report of people not following distancing orders.
The video shows police arresting a coupe who they say weren't social distancing, when another group of people a few feet away ask what's going on. The video shows an officer go over to them, hold up his Taser and tell them to move back before bringing a man down and restraining him. 
Another officer then rushes over and handcuffs him.
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said in a video conference Sunday that the incident was mishandled, and called for a thorough investigation.
He noted that the NYPD "immediately" placed the officers involved on modified duty, but added, "We need to look at the original arrest." 
The NYPD charged three people in connection with the incident. Shakiem Brunson, 31, of East new York was charged with disorderly conduct and marijuana possession after police say they saw him with a baggie in plain view. Ashley Serrano, 22, was charged with disorderly conduct, and 33-year-old Donni Writght was charged with assault of an officer, menacing and resisting arrest.
The NYPD says the officers' handling of the arrest in the video is being investigated under internal review.
VIDEO - Courtesy Daquan Owen. (Editor's note: some viewers might find video disturbing):