Brooklyn educator looks to bring quality education to students in underserved communities

A Brooklyn educator is using her expertise to serve students at a school that's been around for more than a century.
Melisha Jackman has been pouring into the youth for more than a decade, giving students the tools they need to thrive. Education is more than a passion for Jackman, who has spent her career as a teacher, a principal and now the executive director of the Brooklyn Kindergarten Society.
For 130 years, the society has provided educational opportunities for low-income families in central Brooklyn. Now in her second year with the students, Jackman is taking the educational center to new heights by developing programming that gives students equitable access to education.
Jackman says this new sensory room will help students learn through their environment. It's just one way she's hoping to expose students to new experiences.
She's hoping to continue tackling stereotypes and bringing quality education to students in underserved communities.