Brooklyn man aims to walk every single street in New York City

Josh Richards has traveled the Brooklyn Bridge, Midwood, Prospect Park South and more, and is sharing his city travels online.

Katelynn Ulrich and Adolfo Carrion

Feb 21, 2024, 11:26 PM

Updated 59 days ago


One adventurous Brooklyn resident is looking to see every single street across the five boroughs.
Josh Richards’ plan to walk every block of New York City.
Despite having seen most of the United States, he says no place compares to the Big Apple.
“I hope I never reach a point where that doesn’t fill me with some sense of awe,” said Richards about NYC. “I found out about other people who have done all of New York. I met a couple of people through that post who are also doing it. We’re going to start a community on Reddit called Every Block NYC.”
Richards has traveled to the Brooklyn Bridge, Midwood, Prospect Park South and more, and is sharing his city travels online. 
He shared his map and the routes he’s taken and plans to take in the coming days – and he’s excited.
“Just getting all of New York City entrenched in my soul. I guess just seeing all of it, seeing every corner of this beautiful and magnificent city,” said Richards.

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