Brooklyn mom, daughter hope to help alopecia sufferers across the country

A Williamsburg mother and her daughter have created a clothing line to raise awareness about an autoimmune disease called alopecia areata.
Alopecia areata causes extreme hair loss. Natalia Niedzwiedzka, age 7, was diagnosed with the disease.
Niedzwiedzka and her mother came up with the idea to make a clothing line to support those who suffer with alopecia to prove that "bald is beautiful."
"This is the shirt that I wear with Natalia. She has a matching shirt and it's very nice, we got so many nice comments," says Natalia's mother, Ela Niedzwiedzka. "I realize that it takes people's eyes off her baldness and draws attention to the T-shirt and very often they will say, ‘Nice shirts.’ It just makes us happy.”
Ela hopes the clothing line will help other parents of children with alopecia feel more comfortable in their own skin.
The clothing line features T-shirts, pins, hats and bathing suits.
The mother-daughter pair hope the world can embrace the beauty in baldness.