Brooklyn Prep joins pilot program to provide AP African American Studies course

A high school in Williamsburg is advancing its African American History curriculum as it joins a group of 60 schools rolling out an AP African American Studies course.  
Shannah Henderson, assistant principal and AP African American Studies teacher at Brooklyn Prep, says the idea for this course came from her students who wanted to learn more about Black history.  
“After the wake of George Floyd, we had a town hall meeting during recruitment season for AP exams,” said Henderson. “The students vocally were upset about why we keep pushing all these classes that don't represent them." 
After expressing the students’ concern to the College Board, they found out an AP African American pilot course was starting. Brooklyn Prep is the only school in the borough with this pilot program.  
“This really speaks to what we want for our students and the vision of what we have given them a chance to share with each other,” said Noah Lansner, principal of Brooklyn Prep.  
“It makes me feel inspired,” said 11th grade student Lizette Hernandez. “I remember in middle school I was taught only the struggles… seeing how they have accomplished more and have done more for themselves, built themselves… it makes me feel like I can do that."