Brooklyn undefeated boxer Cesar ‘Rainman’ Francis stays connected to roots, community

Cesar "Rainman" Francis, a Brooklyn boxer by way of Panama, refuses to forget where he came from and is staying connected to his community amid all of his success. 
Boxing fans know him as the “Rainman.” He is undefeated in nine professional fights, but in Williamsburg and in his inner circle, he is Cesar. 
“I just keep family around me at all times,” said Francis. 
His cousin, Chico Guzman, is the son of a famous Panamanian boxing trainer who now trains the "Rainman."
“It's special, but I have this pressure on me because I have to make sure he's good,” said Guzman. 
The “Rainman” previously fought at Barclays Center for the first time and beat fellow undefeated fighter, Jose Roman by unanimous decision. 
He says it’s all about the mental approach. “I have a family to feed, you're not beating me,” said Francis. 
No matter how much success he continues to accumulate, his intent is to be known as much more than just a fighter. 
“I want to be noticed as a champion overall that didn't just fight for his family, he fought for his community, he changed his community,” said Francis. 
He and his family held a turkey giveaway last week providing Thanksgiving dinner for dozens of Brooklyn families. 
“One time we were on that side of the room, where we didn't have any room to feed our families and it's just amazing to give back and watch them take the turkeys home and feed their families,” said Francis.