Brooklyn's Haitian community eager to contact loved ones impacted by earthquake in island nation

Haitians in Flatbush's Little Haiti are trying to stay in contact with their friends and family following Saturday's devastating earthquake.
The numbers are likely to rise throughout the weeks as rescue efforts continue throughout the country.
Some local Haitians say they have been able to contact family and friends abroad. They learned that the streets are not safe in the island nation and thanked their neighbors for their support.
Others say they have not been able to contact loved ones abroad, citing confusion.
The earthquake shook the area just hours away from Haiti's capital in Port-au-Prince. It comes just a month after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse.
The prime minister of Haiti has now declared a month-long state of emergency.
The earthquake that hit the country on Saturday was stronger than the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti back in 2010.
People in Haiti are still trying to recover from the destruction caused by that earthquake ten years ago and now forced to deal with wreckage from this latest earthquake, all in the midst of the pandemic. Thousands are now left displaced and without homes, forced to take refuge in soccer fields and the streets while trying to salvage their belongings.
Back here in New York, rescue efforts are underway to send support to Haiti. All NYPD precincts are currently accepting medical supplies, personal hygiene items, non-perishable foods, bottle watered and clothing to send to the island country.
Local Haitians say the support is greatly needed as they try to stick together as a community.
As Haiti scrambles to recover from the damage of the earthquake, they are also bracing for a Tropical Storm Grace, which could bring heavy rains and high winds on Monday.