BX building tenants struggle without elevator

Residents at an apartment building on Bronx Boulevard say they are trapped inside their apartments due to a broken elevator that's currently being repaired.
The situation presents a plight for the elderly and for residents like Kim Norman. Norman uses a wheelchair and cannot use the stairs. Norman says the elevator has been down for two months, and the only way she can leave her apartment is if she is carried up and down the stairs by her brother.
Other disabled residents are dealing with the same issue. Tenants say the elevator is constantly out of order or unleveled. They say they have received little or no notification of service issues.
Building managers say they do their best to communicate with the tenants and gave the tenants time to choose which dates would work best before they embarked on the current repair project.
The landlord of the building also tells News 12 the new elevator should be ready in 15 days to a month.