BX native overcomes scoliosis to become pro dancer

A Bronx dancer with scoliosis, a potentially debilitating spinal condition, has defied the odds to become a professional dancer.
Paige Fraser began dancing when she was 4. At 13, doctors diagnosed her with scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. In her case, they floated the idea of surgery.
The Fraser family, fearing surgery would force her out of dance, sought alternative therapy from a chiropractor instead. She was given a childhood back brace. Coupled with her determination to succeed, she made her way from New York to Europe and then to Chicago for a dance company.
"I noticed that my spine wasn't giving me any more pain, and it started to stabilize," Fraser says. The disorder had stopped progressing. "I've heard so many stories, 'Oh, my daughter has scoliosis. She quit dancing.' No! Don't do that. Unless you're in pain, it's unnecessary. There are other ways."
The 25-year-old says that among her future goals, she'd like to open a performing arts center back home in the Bronx.