BX residents rally against gun violence

Dozens of Bronx residents came together Friday to call for an end to gun violence following a double shooting in Soundview.
Around 50 people took to Westchester Avenue to take part in the rally. The protesters are part of a group called Standing Up To Violence. The group hopes to raise awareness about shootings and put an end to all gun-related crime.
"It just give people awareness in the community that these events are happening and, you know, as a community we can come together and stop it," said demonstrator Mervin Moore.
On Monday, police say a 27-year-old woman was in a car when the suspect opened fire, grazing her arm and also injuring and 18-year-old man who was driving.
Surveillance video of the shooting shows the gunman escaping the scene of the shooting. Protesters say the suspect and other criminals need to be taken off the streets in order to stop the violence.
Both victims are expected to be OK. The gunman remains on the loose.