Cambodian cultural celebration takes place at Cambodian Buddhist temple in Flatbush

A traditional Cambodian celebration called Bon Khatin, also known as the "The Robe Ceremony for the Monks", took place Sunday in the heart of Brooklyn at a Cambodian Buddhist temple in Flatbush.
Cambodians gathered in their best traditional clothes to chant and bring flowers and offerings to Buddha and those who have passed away.
The women wore Sampots, which are long, rectangular cloths worn around the lower body. The monks wore their traditional robe attire.
The people in attendance Sunday will hold a ceremony later in the day, offering three robes held in boxes to the monks – the main robe and the left and right robe, known as the Triple Gem of Buddhism.
Monks will then offer prayers to the Triple Gem.  Following the offering, food and rice will be given to the monks.
The Cambodian temple is only a few blocks away from Brooklyn's Little Haiti, so the event provided the opportunity for an emersion of cultures in the area.
Sunday's Cambodian holiday also served as a fundraiser for the Cambodian temple to raise funds for the Cambodian people and community.