Canarsie church teams up with the NYPD for Black History Month celebration

A Canarsie church teamed up with the NYPD Saturday to highlight the rich heritage and promising future for the Black community in honor of Black History Month.
The Consuming Fire Ministry on Avenue L spread Black joy throughout the community through all forms of art.
Attendees overflowed with emotion as they heard speeches, poems, and songs that represented the trials and tribulations that Black people faced in this country.
The event was a collaboration with the NYPD's Community Affairs Brooklyn Outreach Division. It highlighted the past, present and future of the Black community.
The celebration not only honored the past contributions of Black individuals, but also celebrated the present accomplishments and future potential of the community.
The event also served as a testament to the NYPD's commitment to foster positive relationships and build trust within the community.
"We need our young people to understand that our officers are not our enemies. They are here to protect us, they're here to support us, they're here to help us in whatever situation we have," said Dr. Cheryl Ault-Barker, senior pastor of Consuming Fire Ministries.