Cars stuck in Fordham garage since February due to elevator problem

Drivers who have not been able to access their cars for months protested Monday outside a Fordham parking garage.
The car elevator in the garage has been down since February. The Department of Buildings says a car and a freight operator fell into the elevator pit.
“I don't understand how it takes over four months to fix this parking lot. We're paying for this service, for our cars to be secured, and our cars are not secure,” says Julianny Almonte.
The past few months have been difficult for those who depend on their cars to make a living.
“I have a bit of saved up money, but it's been four to five months without work and with no car,” says Domingo Mercedes, a cab driver. “I'm paying $547 for insurance and I'm not generating an income."
Car owners tell News 12 the garage is still open for business, allowing cars to come in and out on the first floor. They demand the garage be shut down and for management to fix the elevator immediately.
"It has four floors, over 100 cars in there, and they're still making money. They don't have no respect,” Mercedes says.
News 12 reached out to management, the Rusi Holding Corporation. Hasan Biberaj, the building owner, said, “The elevator is not being repaired, it is a brand-new elevator being installed within the next 30 days, assuming the Buildings Department signs off on it."
However, car owners say they've heard this answer too many times without seeing any change.
“They give me one day, they give me another day, and it's not fair for us. We're stuck. This is humiliating,” Almonte says.
Some drivers say they're looking to take legal action against the garage.