Cat lost at JFK International Airport back home in Mastic Beach

Etorre the cat is finally home safe and sound in Mastic Beach after a rocky three weeks living at John F. Kennedy International Airport.
The cat's owner, Salvatore Fazio, was taking a flight from JFK to Italy at the end of August. He checked Etorre into cargo and boarded the plane only to find out that his cat was not on the flight with him. Fazio was informed his cat had escaped the carrier and was nowhere to be found.
Fazio couldn't do anything from Italy, so the rescue organization Long Island Cat Kitten Solution stepped in to help with cameras and humane traps.
"At first, we were losing a little hope catching Etorre because it's been so long and we didn't know what could have happened to him," says John Debacker, of Long Island Cat Kitten Solution. "After the collar was found, we thought he could have been attacked or he could have even drowned since it was right near the water."
Debacker says Etorre was caught in a humane trap after being on the runway for three weeks.
Etorre lost three pounds and has a few scratches on his nose, but overall, he is healthy and safe.
The cat is now at Fazio's girlfriend's home awaiting his owner's return from Italy, something Debacker is very happy about.
"It's a great feeling," says Debacker. "I came here, and I wanted to see the cat in person after being one of the rescuers involved."
Fazio is expected to return from Europe in the next few weeks to be reunited with his feline friend.