Caught on camera: Dog attacks man in Longwood park

A man was injured Sunday in a dog attack caught on video at a Longwood park.
The video shows the 61-year-old man being bitten while standing next to a bench. Community affairs officers and a nearby parkgoer struggled to get the dog off of him as it latched onto his arm.
Officers tried kicking the dog and another person hit the dog with a scooter, to no avail. Another officer was finally successful in removing the dog by spraying a fire extinguisher in the dog's face.
"Someone was telling him to shoot the dog, but they didn't want to shoot it, they didn't have a stun gun," says Richard Figueroa, a witness. "So one came and kicked it didn't do nothing. That's when I saw the cop get the fire extinguisher."
Witnesses say the owner kept quiet after the incident and cleaned the dog's face. The victim handled is particularly well, witnesses say.
"He was calm throughout the whole thing, he didn't scream, I was amazed at that," says Figueroa.
Police say the man was taken to NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln, while the dog went to Animal Care Centers New York City. The dog is being evaluated for behavior and placement options, and will be on a mandated rabies observation.
It is unknown whether the dog's owner was cited for attack.