Chill out: New poll ranks NYC is most stressed-out city in the U.S.

Everyone's lives seem to be filled with more stress nowadays, but a new poll suggests that New York City is the most stressed city in the United States.
The poll from William Russell ranked 73 cities and 38 countries to find the most and least stressful in the world. It also compared every U.S. state to find out which ones were least and most stressed.
The ranking was based on cleanliness, financial stress, LGBTQ+ safety, suicide rates, air pollution levels and green spaces.
The top three U.S. cities that are most stressed were New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. 
However, it's a lot less stressful once you leave the city because New York came in at 42 of 50 in the stressed states poll. Topping the list of most-stressed states includes Texas, Montana and New Mexico. The least stressed states are Delaware, Vermont and Washington.
The study said one of the biggest contributing factors to stress in the U.S. is air pollution, which varies considerably by state. Texas ranks in the worst five states for average air quality index, with a daily level of 23.7. Texas also has significantly higher reported levels of CO2 emissions from large facilities than any other state. In 2020, there were 290 million metric tons of CO2 emissions from large facilities in Texas.
Cairo, Delhi and Karachi came in as the top stressed out cities in the world. Helsinki, Vienna and Munich were the least stressed cities.