Chote Miya serves up grab-and-go Indian-style street food

Indian restaurant Chote Miya is offering something not seen in New York City before - grab-and-go Indian-style street food.
Chote Miya opened its doors in October serving Bombay-style street food.
"Chote Miya means "approachable guy", "a small guy from the neighborhood" in the Hindi dialect. All vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We have samosa chaat, we have bun samosa, we have frankies which is essentially rolls and it's kind of like a taco," says Jimmy Rizvi, of Chote Miya.
While Chote Miya hit some snags along the way when indoor dining was suspended, Rizvi says the response has been overwhelming.
"Our mango lassis are selling hundreds every week. It's a very hot selling item especially with the food, which has a little spiciness to it. Then it kind of mellows and it's got the sweetness to it," Rizvi says.
Customers can tailor the spice level to their taste buds as well at the Time Out Market in Brooklyn. 
Rizvi hopes to expand to other locations in the future.