City accuses tenant group president of misusing funds, resources

Monique Johnson, the tenant association president of the Throggs Neck Houses, fired back at accusations made Tuesday that she abused her power.
City investigators say Johnson pressured NYCHA staff into providing her with special treatment, such as painting her bathroom and getting a stove for the tenant association offices. They are accusing Johnson of using NYCHA funds for her own personal use instead of helping her residents.
Johnson says the probe into her actions is a distraction and that she will not step down as president.
"They [are] talking about funds that I had no access to. How do you mismanage something that is not in your possession? The investigation is over with the sex scandal. This report...was used to divert your attention off of them."
The city Department of Investigation began looking into Johnson only after she accused NYCHA workers of throwing sex parties this past August. No evidence of sex parties was found, but there was evidence of workers drinking on the job.