City Council members, advocates demand action from mayor’s office to get people into housing

City Council members and housing advocates say that Mayor Eric Adams’ office needs to focus more on getting people into permanent housing.  
The concerned New Yorkers rallied outside of a Department of Homeless Services intake center to demand that the mayor implement the CityFHEPS reforms passed late last year by the City Council.  
Those reforms would remove 90-day shelter stay as a pre-requisite to be eligible for a housing voucher. Those in favor of the reforms say it will elevate the shelter system they say is inundated with asylum seekers.  
The legislation would also change the eligibility for a housing voucher from 200% of the federal poverty level to 50% of the area median income, while also lessening the work requirements.  
Housing advocates and those who experienced homeless say that the longer this fight for reforms goes on, the more New Yorkers will be living on the streets.  
The laws were supposed to go into law on Jan. 9 but have not yet been signed by Mayor Adams.