City Council passes bill improving access to menstrual products

The New York City Council passed new legislation regarding access to essential menstruation products.  
The council passed a new law that will improve access to menstrual products, such as tampons, pads and menstrual cups. City agencies will receive these products and distribute them at schools, shelters and detention centers.  
For City Council Member Amanda Farias, she says she knew something needed to be done when she visited schools and was unable to find any menstrual products available.  
“People sometimes forget that about 50% of the population is dealing with menstruation every singly day, at varying degrees, and starting out at different ages,” said Farias. “We’re seeing young people… getting their menstrual cycle, and so the earlier we can get them education to feel confident, to fight the stigma, that’s great.”  
The Department of Education says it is ensuring access to essential menstrual products is “part of our overall commitment to student health and well-being”, and say that by the fall, every student in fourth grade and up will have access to those necessary products.  
Current laws provide care and education to students in grades six and up.