City Island residents want deer warning signs

Some City Island residents want the city to give a heads up to drivers in the area about the presence of deer.
They want the city's Department of Transportation to put up signs to warn drivers about deer along the roads.
John Doyle, an officer of the City Island Civic Association, says the deer have caused car accidents.
He pressed for signs before, and the DOT posted temporary signs. Now he wants permanent ones.
The DOT says it installed an electronic sign in Pelham Bay Park last year that it can equip with various messages -- including ones warning of deer in the area. It removed the sign in the winter due to the weather, but a spokesperson tells News 12 that the DOT will return the sign and also add a second one.
State Sen. Jeffrey Klein is also calling for permanent signs. He says deer cause more than 65,000 car crashes across the state every year.
The average cost of repairs after hitting a deer is around $4,000, Klein says.