City leaders say they're doing more, sooner ahead of upcoming winter storms

City leaders said Thursday that they learned their lesson after November's storm and made changes to the way they're preparing for the upcoming snowstorms.
The commissioners of the Department of Sanitation and the Office of Emergency Management outlined their plans Thursday for the two weather events.
Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia said that a big problem with November's storm was communicating with residents. Garcia warned people to stay off the roads especially Saturday into Sunday.
OEM Commission Joe Esposito said a travel advisory was issued into Friday and advised people to take public transit if they can. Leaders said they're anticipating a messy morning commute for Friday and that salting would begin as soon as possible.
OEM said it’s also bringing in extra people to staff its watch situation room, and will have continued communication with the National Weather Service as the forecast evolves.
The Department of Sanitation said all 700 of its salt spreaders would be ready to go along with 1,000 plows if needed.
On Saturday evening, the Department of Sanitation said they'll have an additional 600 plows on hand for a total of 1,600 plows.
Esposito said Thursday afternoon that New York City public schools were scheduled to be open on Friday.