City officials work to help those who lost homes to Hurricane Ida

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and Council Member Darma Diaz met directly with those who lost their homes due to the massive floods brought on by the remnants of Hurricane Ida Saturday. 
Some of the basement apartments flooded during Hurricane Ida saw the water rise up to the ceiling.
Councilwoman Darma Diaz toured several of the basement apartments that were flooded that are now completely ruined. 
Public Advocate Jumaane Williams has also expressed frustration over the illegal basement apartments, saying many tenants have been treated poorly by landlords.
Moving forward, both Diaz and Williams say the communities affected need funding, specifically, the community needs grants for building owners to be able to fix apartments properly and making it legal for tenants to live in.
They both fear without the funding, this will lead to masses of people becoming homeless and lead to additional deaths.